Wood is good

Maple/Walnut wood stacking toy

My dad and I were talking about designing and making some wooden toys for children. I was doing a bit of research on the subject and came across some beautiful designs and successful companies. I focused my search on Etsy since I knew I would be able to find some great handmade stuff there. One of my favourite toy makers so far is Little Sapling Toys (what a cute name!). Here's some of their work...

Songbird Grasping and Teething toy

Grasping and Teething set

Grasping and Teething animals

Tri-wood pet board toy

Simple pine wood rocking horse

Simple pine child's crate/toolbox


  1. love the tool box and the pegs board. stacking building blocks are classic.
    adults would find them also desirable.love,mom

  2. I was watching the Mom show today (I was sick) and they had a feature with 'green' toys which were definitely more beautiful (in addition to being healthy and durable and all-round better) than the too-bright plastic stuff of today....I began to dream of what the junior kindergarten classroom of the future might look like....it is certainly a change I will welcome


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