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One of the best things about flying through London Heathrow Airport, other than listening to British accents, is the magazine rack. There are always more than a few gossip mags to make the trip across oceans and timezones more enjoyable. Last time I was there I came across Jamie Oliver's new magazine, the inaugural edition actually. It's a great magazine, and if it wasn't so expensive to those living outside the U.K. I would probably have it delivered to my door. A bonus (and the subject of this post) is the Jme catalogue, a new shop full of beautifully designed dishes, food, seeds, and home things.

Take a peek for yourself...

mixed olives
strawberry jam

window box garden voucher
herb garden voucher
small veggie garden voucher

organic seeds - garlic chives

Basil and Mint, Spiced Fig candles

All this great design and he can cook - quite the catch ;) Have a great Wednesday!
xo bess

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  1. he can cook, this is true, but Jamie is a girls name


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