Typographic Tee's

When I was young I used to have this adult sized t-shirt that my mom gave me, one of those free t-shirts you get from work or a client or something... Anyway, I used to wear it to bed and was for some reason quite fond of it. On the front were the following words, "I shot the serif at Moveable Type". I asked her what this statement meant, and don't they mean "I shot the sheriff..." ? She tried to explain and of course I never really understood, but it didn't stop me for wearing it all the time. Oh yeah, I think it also had small red circles going from the top right to the bottom left of the shirt, bullet holes perhaps?!

Fast forward a couple decades, it all makes sense now. Here are some fun typographic tee's, much less cryptic than the one I used to wear.

Veer via Black.White.Bliss

my liver hates me via typotees

and then I woke up

love hate

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