Happy 2009!!

We spent New Year's Eve on the Guerilla Gourmand's roof, we were right in the middle of Vienna, surrounded by 360 degrees of fireworks, pretty amazing!

I'm so excited for 2009, I feel like big things are happening!

Big Chuck and I are gearing up for a trip home to celebrate his brother's wedding on the warm and sunny island of St. Lucia (yay!). I'll be sure to take lots of photos!

English Muffin has been gaining momentum, and after a successful Christmas season I'm happy to report we are now a profitable company - I won't tell you by how much though ;) The 2009 Animal Calendar was/is a big hit, as were the 123 Holiday Printables and after some very nice press the Animal Alphabet Poster picked up speed as well. I have big plans for English Muffin in the new year, next up: Valentine's Day Cards.

The blog has also been a wonderful addition to my life, it's been a little challenging at times and I think I'm still trying to find its voice, but feel like I'm on the right track. Our guest bloggers, Big Chuck and The Guerilla Gourmand have been wonderful additions and I always look forward to their posts. It's also been really fun to hear from you! I know we're still small, but it's really touching to know that more people than just my Mom are tuning in (no offense Mom!).

I wish you all a wonderful new year, and look forward to the posts ahead!


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