Where cars go to die

It's Friday again, where did the week go? Only about one week until Christmas.

I hope some of you are getting nice weather out there in internet land. Early winter here in Vienna is usually a mixture of rain and snow, and there is often more rain than snow, and grey, lots of grey skies.

Today's post is a walk through a green graveyard, for cars that is.

"Situated in Kaufdorf, Switzerland exists a peaceful junkyard, holding over 500 classic machines hailing from the 1930s through the 1960s. The government wants it paved but locals want to preserve this history.

Legend has it a car dealer, buying cars for parts, couldn't bring himself to scrap these beauties and began parking them in his yard. The dealer retired in the 70s, passing the business on to his son, who left the cars untouched." original source jalopnik.com

(all photos from Jalopnik.com)
More photos here.

Take it easy.


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