It's not you, it's me...

So I just burnt today's muffins, and in all honesty I was actually cheating to begin with. I had extra batter from the pineapple - walnut - zucchini muffins from a few weeks back that I froze, and as I am a bit under the weather was going to make those for this week's muffin. One thing lead to another and then the always bad "what's that smell?" question popped up. Let's just blame it on my congested brain. Alas, these muffins just were not meant to be.

Instead I have some pics from our weekend adventure to the United Nation's Women's Guild Bazaar. There were crafts and food and music from many countries from around the world. It was lots of fun, and we even got to visit the cardboard Mountie at the Canadian booth (tear)!

Above are some pictures of the christmas gourds we bought from the Colombian table, aren't they pretty?! And below are some pictures from the Bazaar, enjoy.


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