I'm not redundant I just like the label

Happy Friday everyone, I hope it is a lovely one.

I am going to bring you a bit of music again today from Stonesthrow records, check out the talented Mayer Hawthorne. Like I said before they are always putting out good stuff. Here's the link to his tune "Just ain't gonna work out".

Also check out their podcast for what's coming in the New Year. Oh my god how did it get to be 2009 already!

I am also excited about another artist on Stonesthrow I hadn't heard of until yesterday. Mr. Chop! aka Coz Litter. I am especially fond of the sound of the track "The Infinity Machine".

The stunning album art here reminds me of the slow demise of album art in the digital age. Just think, the art has gone from 12 inches of glory all the way down to the size of an ipod screen. Perhaps we may see something on album art in this forum in the future you say? Hmm, seems likely. Submit your favorites and I may post them next Friday.


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