Ear to the ground...

I love listening to podcasts, mostly news and current event programs, the CBC's The Current and Sounds Like Canada, NPR's Fresh Air, WNYC's Radio Lab and Studio 360, but my most favourite podcast, the one I look forward to hearing every Monday morning, is Chicago Public Radio's This American Life. I love it! It's so smart and real and touching and funny and is chalked full of interesting and important stories often about ordinary people just like you and me. So in this week's podcast host Ira Glass takes us through the mess that is the American economy. I know at first this sounds really dull and depressing, and scary and ultimately incomprehensible, which to a certain extent it is. The economy, like a big ball of tangled yarn, seems like too big a mess to even try to unravel. However, if you're interested, they do a darn good job of taking us through the events that ultimately led to the current situation. If you're up for it have a listen here, or subscribe to the weekly podcast at iTunes.

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