Chill out...

Big Chuck is wrestling with his paper today so he gave me the nuts and bolts of his post and I'm going to do my best to assemble it (think IKEA furniture).

One of his many obsessions is his bike. And what better way to store a bike over the winter (especially such a handsome one as he has) than fasten it to the wall with this Cycloc Bicycle storage device designed by Andrew Lang and recipient of numerous design awards.

All faiths welcome... These Holy Homes designed by Frederik Roijé leave no bird without a safe haven to call home during the cold winter months.

When it's too cold to go outdoors, bring nature in with this wall sticker from Ferm Living available in black, gold and green.

Good luck with the paper BC and see you here next Friday!


  1. That's pretty cool..is that a wall sticker? i like them

  2. MT - yes, it's a wall sticker. Isn't it great!


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