The 7th

Who said there was no good shopping in Vienna?? Well, once upon a time, I did... But I take it back, really. The hip and happenin' hood that is the 7th district has just re-vamped their business website and it features some really great and one-of-a-kind stores and galleries.

Above is a photo of Kawaii, a clothing boutique at 25 Lindengasse. Here are a few of my other favourites...
Terra Plana for shoes and boots. These red ones are so cute, I think we would get along well!
Great leather bags from Ina Kent (see Terrific Taschen post) and Ozelot who carry a wide range of bags like this professorial leather bag above from Aunts & Uncles.

Elfenkleid has some really delicate and simple dresses that are right up my alley, they also have a wedding collection you can check out under "brautkollektion - bilder".


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