Freestylin fridays with English Muffin guest blogger Big Chuck

Hi Everybody! It's Big Chuck and I'm here to tell you about a brand new dance...

This is English Muffin's guest blogger who will be bringing you a little bit of a different flavour every Friday. Vinyl is not dead!

First, early today when the NY times popped into my inbox I discovered this inspiring installation, which combines two of my favorite things, records and Asian art.

Then, as if the gods were saying, let there be vinyl, I later see a sign for a big record show at the Gasometer here in Vienna. I will no doubt be heading out there tomorrow morning, latté in hand, to check for some goodies.

I'll bring along my portable turntable in case something looks cool but I haven't had the chance to hear it before. I think the Numark is the best on the market from what I have seen.

And if I had money to burn, no doubt I would pick up one of these stylish retro LP carrying cases for my best finds by Crosley, who also make the rolls royce of portable plattenspielers!

How's about a bit of video fun? Maybe I'll find some of Kraftwerks stuff tomorrow, who happen to be my favorite German pop electronic pioneers.

Till next friday, BC

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