Pure Green - In the shop

With the release of Pure Green Magazine Issue 6, we also launched our new Etsy shop. Pure Green is now selling exclusive artwork from the pages of the magazine. I was so flattered when Celine, our Editor-in-Chief, asked if I would be willing to sell some of my illustrations through our new shop. Of course, the answer was yes!
Map of Montreal - Pure Green Mag, Issue 6Leaf Identification Guide - Pure Green Mag, Issue 6

Currently we have two prints from Issue 6 for sale, the Map of Montréal (you know how I love illustrating maps) and the Leaf Identification Guide that Charles and I worked on together. They are both 13" x 19" prints on 100% recycled, bright white paper.

Have a wonderful Thursday!
xo bess


Pure Green Magazine - Issue 6

Issue 6 of Pure Green Magazine has hit the virtual newsstands!

In this issue we ease you gently into fall, with stylish fashion picks (pgs. 44-45), some late summer menu ideas, beautifully photographed by Erin Monett (pgs. 87-113), and an article on the science behind the season's changing colours, written by our very own Dr. Charles Nock and illustrated by me (pgs. 128-129). Of course there's lots more, like a great DIY, a tour of a book bindery in Toronto, and my personal fave a Montreal City Guide by our good friend Marie-Eve of Lake Jane (pgs. 71-79).

There's so much original, informative and inspiring content in this issue, I know we're all really proud to share it with you. As always, I'd love to hear your feedback.

And, as if Issue 6 wasn't enough, we've also got a new website and a new Etsy shop where you can buy exclusive artwork from the magazine. It's all just so darn exciting!

Have a wonderful Tuesday :)
xo Bess


Some big little news!

14 weeks, 4 days
Photo by proud Papa-to-be

Hello Friends!

I guess you can see from the photo that the English Muffin family will be expanding soon! Charles and I are thrilled to share with you that we're having a baby!! Our little "beast" as he likes to call it, as in "we have to feed the beast!" (kinda scary, no?), will be arriving in January 2012. So far I've been feeling great. Being in my second trimester now, I'm getting my energy back and enjoying watching this belly of mine get bigger and bigger what seems like every day!

Phew! It's so nice to finally share the news with you. I'll try to keep you updated on our little boy/girl as we progress, maybe even ask you some of my baby questions - like, to find out the sex or not?!

Have a wonderful Thursday!
xo Bess, Big Chuck, Tyke and Baby


Pure Green Magazine: Sneak Peek!

Pure Green Mag - sneak peek
Image copyright of Pure Green Magazine, 2011; photo credit: Erin Monett

There's so much good stuff going on at Pure Green Magazine these days. We've got some really great content flying from inbox to inbox and my fingers are a flutter trying to keep up with all the illustrations!

Celine posted a sneak peek photo from Issue 6's home feature (above), and she'll continue posting a sneak peek a day until the issue goes live. What a treat! To check them out be sure to visit the Pure Green Blog.

Have a wonderful week!
xo bess


Summer Fun

Last weekend Big Chuck and I headed to Ontario for the week to visit with family and friends. We spent time on the dock, checking out small town antique shops, eating lots of blueberry pancakes and generally having a relaxing and wonderful holiday.

I feel well rested and happy to be home. There's nothing like returning to your life, it seems even better after a week away ;)

Here are a few iPhone pics from our trip...

Tyke on the deck, enjoying the view.

Afternoon Scrabble

Summer Sun
Sunning on the dock...

On the dock
with my hubby.

Charles and his mom
Big Chuck and his mom taking apart a chainsaw.

Garden Harvest
We came home to our garden overgrown with tomatoes. It was really fun harvesting all these beauties :)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
xo bess