Mini Chuck

On Friday after work, Big Chuck arrived home and announced that he had a present for our little babe. "Oooooo! How exciting!" I thought. I wondered what first gift a proud Papa would bestow on his soon-to-be-here son. Big Chuck rarely brings home gifts (not that I mind, we just don't do a lot of random gift giving), so I knew that this was going to be something really special. He reached into his bag and pulled out...

a Montreal Canadiens t-shirt!! Of course ;) It may take a few years for the little guy to grow into it, but in the meantime it will be in his dresser waiting for the day that he gets to wear it proudly, just like his Papa.

I have to say, Big Chuck is not the only one guilty of making Mini Chuck appropriate purchases. I bought these little booties a couple weeks ago. Baby can wear his Herbie booties when he helps his Papa work on the car.

Happy Monday!
xo Bess

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