All Aboard!

Toronto 7

Today's the day I say ciao for now to Toronto and Bonjour! to Montreal. My sister, her boyfriend and I are heading out shortly on my maiden voyage to Mtl. It's quite possible I am the only person in Toronto who has never been to Montreal, people gasp when I tell them my dirty little secret, and then proceed to tell me how much I'm going to love it. So, I'm ready to begin this new chapter in my life and embrace all that Montreal has to offer; bagels, poutine, french air kisses, the habs and the je ne sais quoi that surely awaits me.

But, before I depart, one more shout out to the big smoke, hogtown, Toronto the good, what ever you call it, I'll always call it home. I went for a stroll yesterday to clear my head (and find a bank machine) and ended up taking some photos with my favourite new iPhone app. Enjoy!

Toronto 6

Toronto 4

Toronto 8

Toronto 2

Have a great weekend, and I look forward to blogging next week from Montreal!


  1. If you need any good addresses in Mtl, let me know. I have tons.

  2. the iphone pics aren't bad, they have some nice character to them

  3. it' amazing how nice iPhone photos can be!
    Enjoy Montreal!

  4. I see you got the iphone too. I am dying to join that club now, but husband always says "Lin, we are a blackberry family". My blackberry is a jerk, I don't want him anymore....the blackberry that is, not the husband. Him I keep.
    When you come back we must brunch...oh and if you don't get that apartment your mom showed us, I'm going to move to Montreal and snag it until my house is built.


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