Le weekend


We spent Saturday afternoon at the MuseumsQuartier. We were under the impression that there was a 'Kissing for World Peace Flashmob" but no such luck, I guess we were the only ones dumb/naïve enough to buy into that idea. Instead we met up with some friends and went to the Halle Cafe and then off to the AKH Christmas Market for some punch.



There's currently an Edvard Munch exhibit on at our favourite museum, The Leopold.


Halle Cafe/Restaurant. I had never been there before, it was so beautiful!


After the sun goes down (around 4pm) the lights come up. They do a great job decorating the whole city. Notice the snowflakes projected on the buildings.


Curling? Or a variation on it, and in the background a couple outdoor cafés serving winter treats and warm drinks.


That's me in my new hat and Joe Fresh jacket.

Have a great Monday :)


Where in the world...

would you like to be right now?

I'd like to be in living on the water in this Swedish Houseboat. Ahhhhh, bliss!

Swedish Boathouse

Swedish Boathouse

Swedish Boathouse

Swedish Boathouse

Swedish Boathouse

Swedish Boathouse

{found on My Scandinavian Retreat}

This houseboat was featured in Sköna hem, and built by carpenter Stefan Dillner of Stockholm.

Have a wonderful Friday and relaxing weekend.

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Deals! Deals! Deals!

Apparently there's this thing called "Black Friday" and this other thing called "Cyber Monday", it's probably old news to those of you in the know, but I just heard about these notorious shopping discount days today when I received an email from Etsy. So in honour of the deals! deals! deals! I am offering Free Priority Shipping on all the items in my shop! That's right, your package will be traveling first class, perhaps even enjoying a little champagne on take off, on me!

My Etsy Shop

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Have a great Thursday, and Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers :)


The countdown begins!

Well, it's official, only 1 month left till Christmas! I was looking through my Etsy Favourites and discovered I've been "hearting" a lot of holiday decorations lately. Here are a few of my faves...

christmas deco
Merry Christmas Message Deco
Strand Garland Winter Christmas Ornament
Enchanted Forest Five Trees made from felt and wood

christmas deco
Sweet Garland Xmas Dream
Vintage Top Had Reindeer
Dog Christmas Ornament - Linen
Hand Printed Moleskin Journal - Cardinal

I'm not sure if we'll get a Christmas tree this year or not. We got one last year, our very first as a couple, and it was beautiful and festive and fun. I love having Christmas lights around the house and a few holiday decorations courtesy of Ikea. I wish I could buy some fun things from Etsy, but as we are leaving Vienna soon, it's probably not the best time to start accumulating holiday decor. So for now, i'll just decorate my blog ;)

Happy 1 month till Christmas day!


Dead Sexy Magazine

If you live in Toronto, are planing to visit Toronto or just want to know about some great places to see, shop and eat in the city, then I really recommend taking a peek at the Toronto based online publication, Dead Sexy Magazine. Each monthly issues contains among many other categories, a profile of a local Toronto neighbourhood - restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, and other interesting locals. It's a perfect guide of all the best spots in the city, and they are beautifully photographed too. Looking forward to reading next month's issue!

Dead Sexy Magazine - Distillery
Distillery / Corktown

Dead Sexy Magazine - Parkdale
Parkdale Boho

Dead Sexy Magazine - The Junction
The Junction

Dead Sexy Magazine - Kensington
Kensington Market

Dead Sexy Magazine - Leslieville

Dead Sexy Magazine - Harbourfront

Dead Sexy launched in May 2009 and you can read all their back issues on their website.
(all photos courtesy of Dead Sexy Magazine)

Have a great Tuesday!


Birthday Weekend

Well it's official, Big Chuck is 30!! We had a great weekend celebrating. Here are few late night photos from Friday's celebration.

mayer hawthorne
Mayer Hawthorne concert at the Roxy. Before the concert we ate a wonderful meal at Zum Roten Elephanten, a french restaurant, and attended a friend's house party in a beautiful old Viennese flat. I really should have taken pictures - sorry!

Big Chuck lines up for a late night snack.

The Christmas lights went up around the city 2 weeks ago. It was nice to walk around and see Vienna all dressed up for Christmas.

The Ring Hotel

Happy Monday :)


Dancing Shoes

Repetto Shoes

So it's Big Chuck's birthday this weekend and tonight we are heading out for a night on the town. There will be dinner, dancing and all manner of celebration. Our first stop is the new-to-us French restaurant, Zum Roten Elephanten, then off to a friend's house party and finally to the Mayer Hawthorne concert.

Better get out my dancing shoes!




The shoe companies, Bloch and Repetto, were know to me at first only as point shoe manufacturers. I'm pretty sure that I had a few pairs of both during my ballet dancing days. They look so scrumptious and comfy that I think my feet would still appreciate they beautifully made shoes.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!


Pretty Pears

A wee bit of pear inspiration for you...

Pia Ulin - Agent Bauer
Agent Bauer for Residence Magazine

Crochet Pear Coasters - Monika Design
Monika Design

Lil Fish Studios - Pears
Lil Fish Blog

have a lovely day...



I was on the New York Times website and saw the cute little image titled "tree-shirt" so I couldn't help but click on it, and look what I discovered. A lovely visual treat from the NYT's Abstract City Blog by Christoph Niemann.

Bio-Diversity via New York Times

Bio-Diversity via New York Times

Bio-Diversity via New York Times

Bio-Diversity via New York Times

Bio-Diversity via New York Times

Lorena Arance

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of finding Lorena Arance's new Etsy shop. I have been following her work on Flickr and am so happy to see that she's now offering her prints online (and for a very reasonable price - includes shipping!). I love finding new and amazing artists from around the world - the internet really makes the world seem smaller. Lorena is a recent photography graduate who lives in Spain. Her photos are so beautiful and full of light, something my eye is definitely drawn to during these cold and dark Fall months.

Lorena Arance's New Etsy Shop
Lorena Arance's Etsy shop

You can visit her Etsy shop here, and her website here.

enjoy your wednesday :)


Irene Suschocki

I love these photographs from Montréal photographer, Irene Suschocki. You can see more in her Etsy shop, or on her blog, eye poetry.

irenesuchocki 5
Looking for Love

irenesuchocki 4
Paris, le matin

irenesuchocki 3
The Red Balloon

irenesuchocki 2
City of Love

irenesuchocki 1
Mimi on the Beach

Wishing I was 'Mimi on the Beach' today.

Enjoy your Tuesday :)


And the winner is....


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Enjoy the rest of your Monday!



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Have a great Friday!


Photoshop Actions

I'm going to share one of the best things I've found on the interweb as of late. Pioneer Woman's Photoshop Actions. I downloaded them a few weeks ago and have been playing with them in Photoshop ever since. By far my favourites are Boost, Colourize and Seventies - everything looks better in seventies lighting.

Here's an example of just a few of the Actions in action ;)

#1 Normal unedited image of Tyke

#2 Boost

#3 Colourize (better on images where there are more red hues)

#4 Black and White

#5 Seventies

Of course you can also apply them in tandem, like Boost + Black and White will give you a super high contrast b&w image. Check them out, they're so much fun!

Have a great Thursday,