Christmas Thank You's

Custom Thank You Printable

I know the big day hasn't arrived yet but I've been working on a post-Christmas project, a Custom Thank You Note and Card Printable. The kids featured on the cards are completely customizable, you can choose hair, skin and clothing colour as well as choose from 3 different hair styles for the girls. Wouldn't this be a really fun activity to do with some kids (yours or a friend's) over the holidays, and just think of how happy Grandma and Grandpa would be to get one of these handwritten notes from the grand-kids!

Custom Thank You Printable

Available in my Etsy shop now!

(photos: English Muffin)


  1. I just purchased these from you and think they're such a great idea! I feel sending thank you cards are important and want my children to learn this too. Can't wait to sit down with son and write these out with him. Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks Jenny! I'm so glad that you like them :) I don't have kids of my own but, I think this would be a really special project to do with kids. Saying thank you is so important :)


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