Pan Tu Nie Stał

Vodka damages your intellect
Vodka damages your intellect print

Pan Tu Nie Stał
is an online shop located in Poland. Translated it means, You were not standing here. The shop was created by a graphic designer and a sociologist, they describe their aesthetic as "inspired by Polish design and culture from 1930-89". I found the shop via Anorak Magazine and immediately fell in looooove with the print above. I was going to order it because it cracks me up, but alas they are sold out :(

The shop offers clothes, accessories, things for your home, posters and books. Here are a few of my favourite children's books. I love the illustrations, and even though they are written in Polish, at 2 euros each I can't see why I wouldn't buy them.

grandpa and grandma
Grandpa and Grandma

An old lady was sowing poppy seeds
An old lady was sowing poppy seeds

Don't laugh grandpa
Don't laugh Grandpa

If you're interested in seeing more from Pan Tu Nie Stał, then check out their shop here.

Have a great Wednesday!

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