2010 Calendar - sneak peek!

January 2010

July 2010

Here's a little sneak peek of English Muffin's 2010 calendar. I've been a busy little bee working on it for the past couple weeks. I'm hoping to have it all done and printed by Friday afternoon, photographed by Sunday and up on my Etsy shop and website by Monday.

Inspired by a good friend of mine who has framed her English Muffin 2009 calendar, I have made this one more framing-friendly. When the month is done, simply cut off the date portion at the bottom and then you'll have a perfect little square of art to frame. Hello multi-purpose!

I would love to offer everyone on English Muffin's Mailing List a special price, so if you'd like your very own 2010 calendar at a discounted price sign-up here, and I'll be in touch shortly!

Have a great Thursday!


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