If/when I have kids, I'd love to give them beautiful wooden toys like these ones from tarudesign on Etsy. I was listening to NPR's podcast Fresh Air the other day, and they were airing an old interview with Frank McCourt, the Irish-American author of Angela's Ashes. At one point he was talking about the importance of giving your children nothing. Now, of course when he's saying this there is more than a hint of Irish sarcasm and tongue in cheek humour, but I absolutely agreed with his sentiment. Having worked with kids in a creative environment, they really don't need much to unleash their imaginations, actually the more freedom they have to explore and not be confined to the limitations of a particular toy, the more expressive and creative they can be.

Tarudesign is a small Montreal-based workshop that creates handmade wooden toys. There are currently three designs available that can be crafted from different woods such as bocotte, cocobolo, wenge, zebrawood, and wild cherry.



To see more from tarudesign, you can visit their Etsy shop here.
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  1. I love wooden toys and their simplicity! I totally agree about giving children just a few minimalist types of toys, it allows so much room for creativity and imagination. My favorite toys as a kid were those very basic primary colored building blocks that everyone seemed to have (back in the seventies) and also Lincoln Logs.

  2. if/ when?

    I definitely agree. Whenever I babysit I notice that the babies in particular (around 1 year old) definitely do not need toys. They are SO interested in exploring the world that the real stuff is way more interesting than the toys.

    The older kids do end up using the toys a lot, and it you give them enough time they do play in creative ways. The key is time. I think many kids have too much 'screen' time. Less TV more living.

  3. and of course the bonus to having beautiful wooden toys is that they'll never clash with mom's decor ;)


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