I missed you Nikon...

(Photos: Bess Callard)

I really missed our camera when Big Chuck had it in Panama. Of course it made much more sense for him to have it, but nonetheless, I did miss it. Now that it's back home though, it's just been sitting next to my desk. I have been so busy working on a project that I haven't had the time or occasion to use it. So yesterday, on my "lunch break" I did a little photo essay of our apartment. Apart from actually taking pictures, I am also exploring the world of editing them. Our new camera gives us the opportunity to shoot RAW, and boy oh boy, is it ever fun to bring those images into Photoshop. I have definitely been inspired by some of my favourite photography blogs to play with saturation, colour and light. Big Chuck has been bugging me for a while to let him buy a new lense for our Nikon, perhaps we just might have to put some money aside and take it to the next level.

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  1. ich mag die wohnungsfotos! hab seit gestern eine neue kamera, canon :), und meine wohnung erstrahlt in ganz neuem licht! einen schönen urlaub wünsch ich.


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