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So, I've been focusing lately on trying to increase English Muffin's visibility online. I think for most artist-turned-small-business-owners marketing is probably the trickiest part of the job. I love to design, take pictures, package things up for shipping - even go to the post office with Tyke (our dog), but when it comes to putting my designs in front of more eyes I don't score so high. I'll be honest that my attempts at marketing are half-hearted at best. I don't have business cards, I have an aversion talking about myself and what I do (in real life, I seem to be pretty good in the blogesphere) and my budget for all things marketing is well... nil.

If you're like me I thought you might like to know about a couple small business blogs that are not lame - in fact they are really helpful, and dare I say, inspiring?!

Check them out, they're a fun read.

ps. If you have any goodies to share, please do so in the comments section :)


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