On the cheap...

There is much that can be learned from the starving student/artist when it comes to design on the cheap. Big Chuck and I have had lots of experience painting, fixing and incorporating found and donated pieces into our varied living spaces. Today's Home and Garden article in the NY Times features ideas from students who have turned ordinary items like honeycomb cardboard in new are useful things like ohh, I don't know - a bed frame! This article has inspired me to share with you our latest do-it-yourself project for our apartment here in Vienna.

Inspired by an installation at a local bookshop, we 'found' these beautiful tall grasses (from the Botanical University's garden) and salvaged a piece of wood to create our own tall grasses installation. It was easy enough to do... We drilled 7 holes into the wood and arranged the grasses in a natural/random way. It's a great way to bring the outdoors in, and the price (free) is surely just right!

So... just do it (yourself)!

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