Shoot for the stars!

The other day—after many months—inspiration hit. Over the holidays we finally got around to spiffying up Edwin's bedroom in our new apartment, and now the bare walls are begging for some artwork. I was going to put up some of his favourite trucks, but the space works best with a vertical print. So one night after story time we were all sitting on his little couch staring at the empty wall, what should we put there I asked? And Eddie replied, a rocket ship! So, what is a mama to do but sit down at her computer and get to work. Since I really like to have some kind of educational element to my prints when possible, I've included some constellations that he can learn as he gets older. And of course, the boy in the rocket ship is Edwin.

It's still a work in progress, but I'm happy with how it's coming along. What do you think? Should I pop a few in the shop? I was thinking I could have a few different kid options available too (ie, boy or girl, brown, black or blond hair, and different lengths / styles).

**UPDATE: Now available in my shop!

xo Bess

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