New iPad Background

I popped my Happy Spring illustration from yesterday onto my iPad last night and thought it looked pretty good as a background. So, I've made it available as a download should anyone else want a Happy Spring background from English Muffin. It would probably work on iPhones too, or any other device for that matter.

Download here. For personal use only, please :)

xo Bess


  1. Nice! Thank you for the spring flowers! My ipad is more springy now ☺️

  2. Thank you for that great background. My ipad looks like a spring wonderland now. I also loaded it on to my husbands ipad so that he can feel the joys of spring as well. It will put a smile on his face just as it did mine. Great article keep up all the hard work you have put in, thanks.

    Cordia Remsen @ RB’s Computer Service


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