Well we're back from our holiday! We have been since Monday night, but you know how crazy it is getting everything unpacked and work to do's done and everyone back on schedule. Of course when you take hundreds of photos on your trip it takes even longer to sift through them to find the faves, but I've got a few to share with you from our trip to Cape Breton.

We rented a cabin on the beach in Inverness and had a relaxing and adventurous time during our 6 day stay. The drive out east was a little long, we did it in 2 days, stopping for the night in Fredericton and staying with some excellent and extremely hospitable friends. Edwin was a trooper during the long days in the car though—as was Charles who drove the whole 3000km on his own! I, of course, provided the entertainment, nourishment and encouragement whenever anybody needed it. Before we left I was dreaming of a super relaxing holiday on the beach, wondering if I should bring more than one book as I might finish the one I had planned on starting—since I would have so much free time, and relishing the idea of being completely unplugged from the internet. In reality, vacationing with a toddler is much like every other day with a toddler—I'm on page 6 of the book I thought I would finish, I slept less than I do at home, and being unplugged from the web is more frightening than relaxing, but that's not Eddie's fault.

Looking back through the photos, and thinking about the time we spent together as a family, it was a truly wonderful getaway. Thank you to my very good friend Susie for inspiring us to travel out east and for inviting us to share in her wedding day, it was so wonderful to be there and such a perfect day.

Have a great weekend!
xx Bess


  1. So, so heavenly. I LOVE the Maritimes!! Glad you had such a wonderful time :) Those pictures are just gorgeous - what memories are made of :) xoxo


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