The little explorer.
Apple trees along the way.

The apples were small but delicious!

A millipede! Edwin was intrigued.
Sunday afternoon we decided to hop in the car and head 30 minutes outside of Montreal to Mont St. Bruno for a little hike. The weather was beautiful and armed with snacks, water, the Ergo baby carrier and our camera we were eager to hit the trails. Edwin is at an age where he always wants to be walking, it's pretty much the first thing he requests at the beginning of the day—after milk, and the last thing he pleads for as we drag him inside for dinner at the end of the day... "go walk??!!!". With this in mind we wanted to find a trail that was not too challenging or too long for the little guy, so we decided to do a 7km walk around Lake Seigneurial—I know, what were we thinking? A hike that takes an average person 1.5 hours, took us 3! Edwin had a blast though and after walking about 4km we put him in the carrier to finish the rest (while there was still daylight), and though he was exhausted he kept requesting to "go walk!!". We may have a future Olympic marathon runner on our hands ;)

If you're looking for a nice place to go hiking that's not too far from Montreal I would highly recommend the National Park Mont-Saint-Bruno. Next time we'll likely try a shorter route, but it was so nice to get out of the city and into the woods yesterday that we really didn't mind spending a little extra time exploring the wonders around us.

Happy Monday!
xx Bess


  1. this post is perfect timing... we were just looking for somewhere nearby to go hiking :)

  2. Your little guy is adorable! Next time you can try Mont Saint Hilaire... my husband says the mountain has healing properties. Lucas, our toddler, loves throwing rocks into the lake too!

    1. Thanks for the tip Vivian! We will have to try this healing mountain next :) xx Bess


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