Montréal Map

Now that my maternity leave is over, it's full steam ahead with all the hundreds of to do's I didn't manage to get done over the last 13 months. At the top of my list is updating my print offerings in the English Muffin Shop. I've been wanting to adapt some of the illustration work I've done for Pure Green Magazine into pretty prints that are easy to frame and will look great hanging on the wall. The first one to make the leap from the pages of Pure Green to the shop is my Montréal Map. The map was originally created as part of our guide to Montréal article where the lovely Lake Jane took us on a tour of the city. I've updated it at bit, adding a few more neighbourhoods and landmarks and making sure it will look great as a framed piece.

The print is available in 22" x 17" and 19" x 13", and custom sizes are available too.

Bonne journée!
xx Bess


  1. It's GORGEOUS! I love it so much that I'm going to order one now. It will be perfect for me to hang up in my house up north and I'll look at it when I'm homesick.


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