Inspiration - A Photo Contest!

backyard garden 2011

To celebrate Earth Day (Sunday, April 22) the Pure Green Magazine has team decided to hold a little photo contest! We're calling on all nature lovers and friends to submit your most inspiring nature photos to us. You can email them to submissions@puregreenmag.com with "Photo Contest" in the subject line and/or upload them directly to our flickr group.

The parameters are pretty wide open—whether you live in the city, the country or in-between—we are excited to see what natural elements of the world inspire you!

What will the winner receive, you ask?

Why, your very own copy of the latest issue of Pure Green Magazine!

Thanks for playing :)

xo Bess


Outings with Edwin

Having a baby in the dead of winter, in MontrĂ©al, meant that the first few weeks of Edwin's life were spent cooped-up inside. I think the idea of spending a lot of time inside, at home, cocooned with your new little baby is great in theory, in practice it left me feeling a little trapped and longing to go for a walk around the block. However, minus 30 degrees Celsius is no joke, so snuggled up and warm at home we stayed, and stayed, and stayed. 

Luckily winter can't stick around for ever, and thanks to a super warm bunting bag, snowsuit, hat and mitts, Edwin, Tyke and I have been going on long walks during the days for a while now. We've been exploring our quartier and trying to find new streets, shops and parks to enjoy. Edwin loves being on the go and rarely makes a peep during our outings. As the weather gets warmer I get a little more adventurous—there's just something about not having to worry that my child will turn into a popsicle—and we make more plans and more outings together. 

Today I think we'll ride the metro for the first time! 

Have a great Thursday!
xo Bess


Golden Boy

Edwin, today you're golden! Thank you for taking a super long nap and letting me bake, eat lunch, do the dishes and laundry, sort through your old clothes and write this blog post.

Happy weekend!
xo Bess


Pure Green Magazine, Volume 2

The new issue of Pure Green Magazine is out! In this issue we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty, it's all about the urban farm. There are lots of interesting and inspiring articles, gorgeous photography and even a few illustrations by yours truly ;) Speaking of which, here's a little peek at the  Edible Flower Guide I illustrated to accompany our DIY (check it out on pages 46-47). A little birdie told me that it will soon be available in our Pure Green Shop, so if you really love it you can pick one up for yourself.

Want to see more? Here's our web preview—just a taste of what's in store!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
xx Bess


3 months... oh my!

It's been exactly 3 months since Edwin was born, and as you can probably tell from the frequency of my blogging, things have been pretty busy around here. It's hard to describe everything that Papa Chuck and I have experienced, a lot of it boils down to the day to day repetitive baby tasks that have to get done (feeding, changing, burping, soothing, playing, etc...), but in the midst of all those things are some truly wonderful moments—babbling conversations, smiles, new achievements, and watching his little body grow!

Edwin's little personality is starting to shine through too. It's fun to imagine all the things he could be or do, all the places he could go and the life he will lead. I have to say that what 'they' say is true, babies are only small for such a short time, and I already miss newborn Eddie! It's incredible to me to think that by Christmas my little man will probably be walking—yikes!!

Well, Edwin is napping right now, which means this is my chance to get some laundry done—glamourous, I know ;)

Have a wonderful day,
xoxo Bess