Cozy Toesies

When Big Chuck and I lived in Vienna we both had a lovely (and matching) pair of grey wool slippers. They were the kind where the heel is open and you slip your foot in, made from extra thick felt, that I purchased in a felt shop in the 7th district. By the end of our 3 years in Austria I had worn the soles of mine out, and decided not to bring them home with me—there wasn't a lot of room in those two suitcases we were allowed on the flight. Since then, I've been wearing Big Chuck's slippers and making expert sad pregnant lady faces when he complains about his feet being cold. All this ended however the night that Tyke got sprayed by a skunk. In addition to wiping his face on our animal hide rug, he searched for anything around that might provide a good face cleaning surface—Big Chuck's felt slippers being one of his victims. The smell was so bad, and I was so exhausted from scrubbing out skunk spary, that I just ended up throwing them out. All this to say... I need a new pair of slippers.

Ecological Felted Slippers - Sneakers
Felted Slippers in Black with 2 Rose Brooches

I love these handmade slippers from Lithuanian shop, bure bure. Aren't they gorgeous? Now, I just need to decide which pair to get!

Any other good slipper recommendations out there? 'Tis the season!

Have a wonderful Wednesday,
xx bess


  1. Oh, Bess. Sympathies on the skunk thing (our dog got sprayed this summer, in the middle of our campsite and we ended up packing up the trailer and leaving at midnight... we abandoned many stinky things in the campsite, too!)

    Those slippers are truly gorgeous, and my husband has been asking for new ones for a while. Adding bure bure to our Christmas list!

  2. The mere mentioning of wool slippers always bring back childhood memories growing up in Germany. We used to get new Giesswein Pantoffel every other year or so. The quality is top, I still have the very same pair I got when my feet stopped growing and that was a while ago...Don't know whether you could get them in Canada though. Happy slippers hunting!


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