Weekend. Phew!

What a week! Our home has been a little stressy these past few days as Big Chuck's been going full tilt on some projects for work. Poor guy, he's pretty much chained to his laptop and has been walking around with a rather crazy look in his eye ;) I have become very proficient at editing science documents and working in Microsoft Word (cringe).

On my end, I've been trying to wrap up the 2012 English Muffin calendar. I had hoped to have it done by today, but I'm still missing illustrations for January, March, May and December. Perhaps I'll be able to knock off a few more this weekend. In addition to a bit of work, I'm sure I'll also be devoting some time to Pinterest, an obsession that has made a comeback since I started "shopping" for baby things. If you're looking for a little inspiration of your own, you can follow me on Pinterest, I think I've pinned some real goodies!

...like this baby onesie hoodie


Have a great Friday!
xo bess

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  1. that hoodie is TOO CUTE... pinterest is WAAAAY too addicting for this pregger ;)


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