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Google - Martha Graham from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

I just love the Google homepage today! What a treat to open my browser and find Modern Dance icon, Martha Graham, moving her way across my screen in her signature style. I studied Graham technique intensively for three years while at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and was truly shaped by those 8:30 am classes that forced you to dive deep into yourself.

My friend Erin passed along a video of the illustrator and animator, Ryan J Woodward, describing his process of animating dancing bodies. His passion for this type of animation is evident, if you have some time you should check it out.

I'll definitely be taking a dance break today, even if it is only in my kitchen.

Happy Birthday Ms. Graham!
xo Bess

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  1. Thanks for sharing - I don't usually see the Google home page, and that was a lovely little interlude. Beautiful!


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