Thinking of Japan


I haven't said much about the terrible situation in Japan on the blog yet, but it's not because we aren't thinking about it or moved by the images of devastation here in our home. It's because the issue seems so huge and my simple expressions of sadness and empathy for the Japanese people feel like so much less than what they need.

Last night, Big Chuck and I found some artists who were creating work in support of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. It's not much, but we purchased some pieces in hopes of sending a least a little bit of financial aid to those who need it most.

Sankaku Lavender Sachet - Yokomono Studio

I bought these lovely Lavender Sachets from Yokomono Studio. I found them via the Lake Jane Blog. And, the great chotto omoshiroi poster from Pikabooks, seen above. Charles bought a couple stickers for the Toyota that say Hope in Kanji.

If you would like to find work from other artists supporting Japan, Jan from Poppytalk has a great list.

Have wonderful day,
xo bess


  1. Nice to be able to help the relief efforts while also supporting independent artists. The crafting/artist community seems to have rallied quickly to help!

  2. I hope eventually everything goes well in Japan these days. I feel really sorry for all the people.


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