Perfect Pairs

1. Constellation Papercuts 2. Thorns Three Oxidized Sterling Silver Ring



Spring is in the air, can you feel it? Of course you can! Yesterday I heard birds chirping and it was warm and sunny and +6 degrees, ahhhhhh... We have fresh flowers in the living room and they make the whole apartment smell wonderful. Hurray Spring, it's so nice to see you again.

My perfect pairs for this week...

green sprouts + dark brown earth
sunshine coming through the windows + tyke following it across the room
no more boots + no more long johns!

Have a wonderful day :)
xx bess


  1. So happy to see Chad's constellation papercuts here!

  2. These are just perfect !!!
    I received a constellation kit from our dearest Chad and was lurking that ring only this morning !

    And I love nothing more than a tree next to a brick wall ...
    x x x

  3. Just stumbled upon your lovely blog. As a Montrealer, I can't believe it's passed under my radar for so long. Loving reading all your old posts, especially the small business series. Je me régale! I've recently opened an etsy shop, also selling prints, and your experiences and advice has really inspired me. Love your work, too!

  4. love these pairs! and yes, I too, can feel spring. so happy about it.


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