Do you like my shoes?

Source: via Bess on Pinterest

I'm addicted to Pintrest. It took me a while to get into it, but since its true (addictive) power was revealed to me - that was on Friday evening, I haven't looked back.

What is Pintrest's lure you ask? The never-ending inspiration. It's like going into your favourite store and putting everything you love in your bag, taking a dress off the rack and maybe the shoes off a stylish sales clerk, peeling off a swatch of the wallpaper and snapping up the amazing lighting fixture. And - the best part, you can see what others have in their bags too and grab those. Really, it's just a big inspiration klepto-party, and I love it.

Are you on Pintrest - if you are I want to follow you! Here are my pins, go take a look!

Have a wonderful Wednesday,
xo bess


  1. Pinterest is evil for sure! I sacrifice my morning sleep to have some more minutes. Uhmmm... not some more, in fact, as much as I can. But the time passes by, it becomes easier to deal with this passion :)

    By the way, you can take a loo at my pins here:

  2. ooh, I love your pins, Bess! I'm following you now. I love pinterest too, but I don't find myself there too often, perhaps because of it's addictiveness. I also find myself just looking and lusting over others' pins and never pin anything of my own. I'll get the hang of it one of these days...

  3. I hear ya, I'm addicted too! I'm already following you :)



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