Map It

Map of Europe - 19" x 13"

The Map Series has been selling so well in my shop that I thought I would give you even more of a good thing. Maps of Canada, Europe and the USA are now available in 19" x 13" as well as the original 10" x 8". The larger maps fit perfectly in the matted IKEA Ribba Frame (19 3/4" x 15 3/4") just like the rest of the English Muffin posters.

I've had some requests for maps of Australia & New Zealand, as well as a world map! Keep your eyes peeled for more additions to the map series in the coming year.

Happy Thursday!

xo Bess


  1. This is great! Can't wait to see the world map

  2. Love these! I agree a world map would be great.

  3. I can't wait to see the other maps! Would you consider to make some in French?

  4. Hi Catherine,
    That's a great idea! I will definitely try to make some available soon. Hopefully I can find a French friend who is also a geography whiz ;)
    Thanks :)

  5. A world map would be wonderful! I'd love one for my office!


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