New Website, New Logo, Same Me

My new website: besscallard.com

It's been a long time coming, at least it's felt that way to me. I've been designing and re-designing and then designing some more, trying to get a new site together that could serve as a way to bring my freelance work and English Muffin work together in one place. I'm happy with how my website has turned out. There are a lot of things that still need to be done (like the portfolio page), but at least the structure is there and I can keep working on it as I move forward with other projects.

I'd love for you to go and check it out. I've designed a new little logo for myself, a stylized lowercase letter b. I wanted something simple and clean, and of course the little dog in the top right-hand corner is Tyke. He's been such a loyal office mate, the least I can do is let him wag his tail a little on my website ;)

Over the next few weeks I hope to do a mini re-design of the blog too. Something to bring it more inline with my new branding. I'm actually thinking of getting rid of the name English Muffin and just going with Bess Callard. I've mentioned this idea on the blog before, I think it's time.

If you haven't already signed-up to my mailing list - do it! I've got a great promotion on right now until October 17th for my new 2011 Calendar.

Have a great Wednesday!
xx bess

Ok, I've had a change of heart about leaving the name English Muffin in the dust. It's funny I had really given this a lot of thought, but it wasn't until I put it online and actually started to change over my shop and other branding that I realized this wasn't the best idea. So English Muffin stays!! Sorry about the confusion.

Ok, back to work.


  1. Very nice, Bess. Simple, clean and organized - just the way I like it. :)

  2. Although, I have to say, I'll miss "English Muffin". Such a cute name.

  3. Bess, it looks great! I just love the little Tyke!!

  4. I looks amazing! Love the little dog!

  5. Although the new logo looks amazing... I love still the English Muffin Blog name : )


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