Our Wedding Photos, pt. 1


Ok, I'll admit it. I've had wedding photos sitting on my hard-drive for a week now. They are lovely and pretty and make me oh-so-happy when I look at them, but the task of going through them to do a proper wedding post seems a little too daunting at the moment.

So here's the plan, over the next few Fridays I'll post my favourites here on the blog along with some charming details about our wedding.

The venue and the pies!

As many of you know, Big Chuck and I got married at Toronto City Hall in a civil ceremony in front of our families. After the ceremony we headed down to Queen Street East to my friend Rob's wonderfully charming café, F'Coffee. Rob was such a dream to work with and the space was beautiful (I'll dedicate a post to his great place, with photos, in the coming weeks), just think exposed brick, beautiful lighting, old wood floors and a huge back patio. I know, heaven in the middle of the city. If anyone is looking for a great place to have a party, let me know and I'll pass along his details.

Rob's café also lent itself perfectly to our pies instead of wedding cake idea. We displayed them on cake stands in the front window of the café and they looked so sweet (pun intended!). Not only did we serve Ontario Sour Cherry Pie, but we also had Niagara Peach, B.C. Raspberry, Ambrosia, Strawberry Rhubarb and Wild Blueberry pie all courtesy of the most delicious pie shop in Toronto, Wanda's Pie in the Sky. We had six pies! Everyone loved them and and I thought they were the perfect finishing touch to what was a truly wonderful evening.

I'd also like to thank our wonderful photographer from 280dg, Rob Bava. He was a dream to work with as well and managed to capture the feel of our wedding perfectly. Rob was our hero, taking the job only 3 days before the wedding when I changed my mind about not having a photographer (what was wrong with me?).

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our wedding!

Have a wonderful weekend!
xx bess


  1. Gorgeous! Love everything about your wedding, especially the pies from Wanda's. They really are incredible. :)

  2. Lookingg beautiful so far and so I'm glad you decided to hire a photographer. We miss out on capturing so many moments in life that you needed to.

    I love the idea of pies instead of a wedding cake. While I don't know you that well, for some reason, the decision just says "you".

  3. congrats! it all looks amazing - both you 2 AND the pies ;-)

  4. Only you could make such an under-stated event look so perfect, classy and elegant. It looks like a lovely and unique wedding and you made a gorgeous centre piece to it all, I'm sure. Congrats!

  5. Thanks for the kind words Bess, it was a pleasure to be in your company that night :)

  6. ohmygosh, Bess! Beautiful!!! I love the idea of the wedding pies - love it!

    I can't wait to see more of your photos. I know what you mean about all those daunting photos. We were married 2 years ago and I STILL haven't got around to making my wedding album!

  7. So beautiful, Bess. I can't wait to see more!

  8. Bess! Shut up! Pies? I don't know if it's the wedding, the pies, the place, the photos or what?!! But your Uncle is one smitten kitten with this whole thing and I can't WAIT to see more!

    Belated CONGRATULATIONS, too! :)

  9. This is such a cool wedding. Pies? OMG. You are brilliant. Me and the Mr Beefy, had we known about it, would have crashed your party for the pies.. lol. The photography.. gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful and such a great idea, the pies are perfect!! Wonderful photos and you look so happy :) Wishing you two the very best!!

  11. It all looks so lovely Bess! Can´t wait to see more pictures.
    We did not have a professional photographer at our wedding and it´s one of my big huge regrets. What was I thinking? :(

  12. these photos are stunning!
    I have to go check this cafe out! The exterior captured in the photo looks somewhere out of London!

    I love that you had pies at your wedding instead of cake!

  13. Yep, I'm catching up on blog reading.. :) You look SO beautiful. I really love the venue you chose for the reception - it seems like it was so intimate and warm. And the pies are such a fantastic idea. xo

  14. love this series, Bess!

    yeow -- it's making me all swoony over our wedding :)


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