Small Business, Small Steps: I promise not to whine


I started writing this post, oh.... about 2 hours ago. I had a good idea for a topic I wanted to tackle and proceeded to do a little additional research on the web to beef up my content. Of course, one thing led to another and before I knew it I'd spiraled down the rabbit hole and didn't emerge for a good long while. Sometimes the internet can eat up so much of my time. On one hand, I've found a ton information out there that has been invaluable to my business, and my sanity, and all that surfing has definitely paid off, but on the other hand, the amount of stuff out there makes it way too easy to whittle away hours that could have been spent on actual real life tasks.

Procrastination is a big enemy of mine, so I've decided to impose some deadlines on myself. Here's the tricky part though; I could ask Big Chuck to hold me accountable to them, but it's too easy to tell him to please be quiet and mind your own p's and q's - running a business is hard work and I am a perfectionist, thank you for your interest though. (Of course I'd say it just like that, and would never ever use a whiny voice).

So, dear internet, this is where I do a fancy reverse maneuver and make you a tool for good, helping me to eliminating my bad procrastinating habit.

Starting today, I am going to (in addition to the regular SBSS posts) post my goals for the week, questions I am wrestling with and peeks into the design process as it evolves as I (trumpet sound please...) take English Muffin full-time. For a long time I've wondered exactly how much of the behind the scenes of my business aches and pains to share, should I keep projects top secret until they are all pretty, perfect and ready to be launched? Do you really want to hear me say for the millionth time this week "What am I doing with my life?" I'm going to go with, no.

But... I think the SBSS posts have helped me a lot in terms of working out my own business ideas and issues by writing, reflecting and best of all listening to what you, my peers, have to say. To keep the momentum going, I'm ready to take it one step further and invite you into the process a little more.

So, dear readers, my first deadline:

By 6pm today I will have the first installment of ___________ (name yet to be determined) up. A peek into my personal procrastination underground lair.

Stay tuned! And please won't you join me?! Post your own to do list in the comments, on your blog or on your fridge - whatever works.

Happy Wednesday,

image: peterbaker


  1. Your picture above inspires me to work now and put off procrastinating until I can soak in whatever mineral spa is in that photo!


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