Canadiana: The Vintage Cabin

The Vintage Cabin is based in Toronto, Ontario, and has the perfect accessories to style your own vintage cabin, or in my case, new Montreal apartment. Here are some of my picks from their shop:

The Vintage Cabin

How fun would that 70's teak fish be? I would definitely use it as a serving dish, maybe throw in some mixed nuts or pretty wasabi peas.

The Weber Costello globe would obviously go in my office / guest room on top of an antique highboy dresser or on a bookshelf.

There's currently a black wood medicine cabinet in the bathroom and I'd love to replace it with a vintage medicine cabinet - so much more fun for your guests to poke around in.

And finally, the mid-century lamp would look amazing on my crisp white English Muffin desk.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. oh sweet! this store is awesome! And, they deliver for free in toronto too! I love that!

  2. timberstoys antiques & collectibles agree with you hindsvik store is a unique experience.



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