Music Monday: Santigold


Have you heard of Santigold (formerly Santogold)? If not, you're going to love me for introducing you to her.

Big Chuck first played me her song Lights Out, off her debut album Santogold, a few months back and I was hooked. We downloaded the whole album and it has been a favourite over here at English Muffin HQ ever since. Her music is a mix of indie rock and electronica, but to be honest it's best to just go here and have a listen for yourself. We love putting her album on when we need a little motivation to, say... pack up and/or sell all the contents of our apartment, or when we're looking to throw an impromptu dance party for three (me, Big Chuck and Tyke) in the living room. In any case, check out Santigold here, and I hope you enjoy her music as much as I do.

Have a great Monday!


  1. we saw her open for coldplay about 3 years ago. i was all, what the hell is this crap and i was about to yell over to christian this very sentence when he yelled, this is FANTASTIC!!! now the girl is huge and i look like a big loser for not noticing her talent from the beginning. also christian makes me eat my words every time i say i love her. so glad you're sharing her with everyone! xo kate

  2. Kate, that is soooo funny! I'm sure Christian has had to eat his words a few times when it comes to interior design. As if he knew how fabulous your little postcards in oversized frames would look. Come on, no boy could have foreseen that!
    x bess

  3. isn't she great? she is so wild and i love it. barnes and noble introduced me to santigold {and mgmt} like a year ago, and i am still so grateful. and ps. i like your blog :)

  4. I love this! Yeah, I remember her being "Santogold"... weird.

    But anyway, she's amazing. I had heard a re-make by Mark Ronson with her a while back...

    (PS) Anything by Mark Ronson: also worth checking out

  5. thanks for making me feel better bess ;) xo

  6. I love Santi/Santogold, too! And Lykke Li! I'll have to stay tuned for your Music Mondays. :)


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