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Virginia Johnson Elk Scarves

I love these elk shawls designed Virginia Johnson, so Canadian! They were created especially for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. The Hudson's Bay Company contacted her about designing custom shawls as part of a designer collaboration. The rest of Virginia Johnson's line of beautiful shawls can be found here. The Elk shawls are sold exclusively at Bay flagship stores in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.
P.S. What's the difference between an elk and a moose?

HBC display

I originally found these shawls through a new blog I've been reading, Red Glasses. Caroline Pelletier is the voice behind this design savvy and inspiring blog based out of Montréal, Québec. I'd encourage you to go over and have a peek, she has the best photos of girls in glasses.

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

(photos: Virginia Johnson)


  1. Aw, thanks Bess!

    I was wondering the same thing. After a bit of Wikipedia research, I found out the elk and moose are both in the deer family, the moose being the larger animal. They both exist in Canada but the moose is found pretty much everywhere in the country whereas the elk seems to be mainly in the west.


  2. Thanks Caroline :) I guess that means I've seen a couple moose but never an elk. Will have to make it out west one day...

  3. Gasp! I need one! NEED one! ;)

  4. here's another interesting fact I learned this year:
    caribou and reindeer are the same thing

    We love the shawls and at first glance thought they were towels.

  5. I love that elk scarf!

    I just checked out the rest of her shop and all of her work is really great. Thanks for the find!


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