Perfect Pairs

1. Sailor Tote Bag 2. Red, White and Blue

Some perfect pairs for you today. I think I'm craving warm and sunny spring weather - all of my pairs are so summer-y! Other perfect pairs I'm loving this week:

pink tulips + rays of sunshine
birthdays + wishes
big dogs + little dogs, black dogs + white dogs (i've been reading Go, Dog. Go! by Dr. Seuss to my Kindergarten classes this week)

And, last but not least...
Last week pen.ny challenged me to find a perfect pair for this Calhoun Glass Pendant from Pottery Barn. It sat on my desktop all week and I had a few finalists, but it in the end I think the Industrial Lab Funnels from Ethan Ollie worked the best. What do you think? Did I get it right?!


Do you have a perfect pairing challenge for me? Leave me a link in the comments, I'd love to give it a try.

Have a happy Thursday!


  1. Love the photos in this blog post! So colorful and cheerful! Those bowling pins are terrific!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Molly :)

  3. Love the red and white stripes! Makes me wish I could visit the ocean.

  4. I do love those bowling pins, how they are neatly lined up, the colors!

    And yes! you so got this right! I love your pair! Who would've thought- industrial lab funnels? Great match:) Thanks for taking on the challenge!

  5. bright pastels (an oxymoron) with white, some black and little tiny swirls of neon will be the story for spring 2011, which is what you are featuring on the first 3 items. Ever thought about a career in colour forecasting?

  6. I love the pinwheel bouquet! genius.

  7. I love all the colors! They are wonderful! I think I got the biggest grins, though, from the bowling pins and the pinwheels. I don't know how anyone couldn't help but smile with pinwheels! As for your last pairing - I think you got it right!

  8. Great summery colors! I´d love to have the light feature! ... and yes, you´ve found the perfect pair for it. :)


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