Music Monday: Mayer Hawthorne

mayer hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne is a favourite around our house. Late last year we went to see him in concert at the Roxy here in Vienna for Big Chuck's birthday. It was a great concert and we both enjoyed the experience of seeing him and his band live. Big Chuck's two cents: "Plain and simple, he's a soul man. There's also a pretty good chance he dresses better than your boyfriend." And, I completely agree. The man's got style and soul, and his music is sure to please your ears.

Check out his most recent album, A Strange Arrangement, to hear some of our faves: Maybe So, Maybe No and I Wish It Would Rain. Go on, have a listen.

Have a great Monday!


  1. I'm starting to love, love, love your Music Mondays. Lovely start to the week:)

  2. Coincidence.... I´ve been listening to the Mayor all weekend, incl. this morning.

  3. @pen.ny: so good to hear! I wasn't sure if anyone was into it, besides me and Big Chuck, but I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the musical mondays :)

    @beatriz: he is a gem, isn't he?!

  4. Hello! :) I don´t have anything to say about this post really, but I read your comment on my blog and I just wanted to say that I am happy that I found you, too :) It´s so good to meet like-minded people (if only electronically), I find this a bit hard in Vienna. Have a good week!

  5. Yay! I've never heard of him and really like it. Going to listen on pandora now....


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