Music Monday : The Baseballs

the baseballs

The Baseballs are a German Rock'n'Roll band who have become extremely popular in Europe (especially Finland, Sweden, Austria and Germany) by covering modern pop songs like Rihanna's Umbrella and Katy Perry's Hot'n Cold in a classic 60's Rock'n'Roll style. Their music is so fun and they expertly take on modern songs and make them uniquely their own. So put your dancing shoes on and take a listen to their cover of Umbrella.

Have a great Monday!


  1. That's so cool! Love the way they did the video. I will now go the Itunes to see what i can find. Thanks!

  2. BESS! i'm loving music monday's! this is so cute!

  3. @ Ama, The Goodie Life: I must warn you guys, the songs get stuck in your head for days!! Umbrella and Bleeding Love are my favourites off the Strike album. So happy you like them too :)

  4. Oh my goodness... Wow!
    I have never heard of these guys before - I guess they haven't hit the Australian air waves yet.
    So glad I came across this! Awesome!
    *does a bit of a rockabilly jive*


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