schnee (sh-nay)


Some über-creative person in our building left us all a little present in the courtyard yesterday. Isn't it pretty?! We woke up yesterday morning (which by the way was a holiday!) to a city covered in snow. This is only the second time this year that we've had any real accumulation, and I love it! We took Tyke to the dog park and had a mini snowball fight (my aim really stinks), a perfect way to start the day.

Today I am officially back at work. Probably standing in front of a class of 4th graders trying to get their attention for the umpteenth time as you read this. I really enjoyed my extended break and the opportunity to work on English Muffin projects for the past couple weeks. I've been busy working on some surface designs for Juna Studios. It's a tricky process and I really have no idea if I'm any good at this kind of work. I wish I could share them with you to get some input, but alas I've got to keep them to myself.

Enjoy your Thursday

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  1. wow, i love this!! How fabulous. I wanna do a heart in the snow!!! :)


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