outfit - week 1

Lately, I've been spying on all the fun outfits of my fellow bloggers that are up on the new flickr group, bloganistas. The idea to start the group was simple enough... prove to the rest of the world (and maybe to ourselves as well) that bloggers don't spend the entire day in front of their computers in their pj's. I had wanted to post an outfit last week but... and here comes the big confession, I am so uninspired by my wardrobe at the moment. Before we moved to Vienna I had big dreams of soaking up all the European fashion trends and returning to Canada on holidays with amazing and envy-inducing new clothes. Sadly, this is not the case. I might have to nominate Vienna as the worst city in Europe for shopping (if you're under the age of 65).

At any rate, I've pulled up my socks and gathered my courage. Here is my offering to the bloganistas group. I'm going to try my best to do an outfit post every week, keeping in my that I am no fashion guru, just a girl who wants to dress a little snappier for her fiancé and her dog.

outfit week 1

'working from home' outfit

sweater: preloved, toronto (two sweaters made into one)

jeans: js denim, vienna (love the baggy jeans in the winter, all the better to hide my long johns under)

felt slippers: filzfaktor, vienna

How about you? Any outfits to share over at bloganistas? I'd love to see them :)

Happy Wednesday,

(photo: Bess Callard)


  1. omg! I nearly died when I saw the title of the blog.
    Maybe I should do the same...
    I stopped doing outfit posts because I felt like the pictures were terrible and if they aren't beautiful pictures I don't want to put them on my blog.
    Oh my you look like Amer...

  2. Amer is me in Chinese. You look great, just a chip of the old blog! Love, mom

  3. I meant the old block.

  4. Haha. Got it about Vienna. But people could look lovely in the most comfortable clothes, just like you do! Looking forward to your weekly outfit!

  5. you look super cute bess! love the sweater - oooh! i just remembered! there's a preloved in montreal too. now you're excited aren't you?! lol ;) xo kate

  6. I loved the 'chip off the old blog' before the addendum! If Amer is Chinese, then what's Amanator? Moving on, the photo is stunning Bess. I love the sweater, particularly the collar. It's very winter appropriate, Personally, I am not a fan of turtle necks because it feels like the sweater is trying to choke me, all day long. The upside is you're always protected from vampires, which is a concern.


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