february: short + sweet

Hello February!

The sun is so bright today that it's almost as if Spring is reminding us that it's just around the corner. Luckily, it comes a little bit earlier here than back home in Canada, sorry guys!

I have this week off from teaching (Austria is the land of holidays - not that I'm complaining), so I'm focusing all my energy on my somewhat neglected kid, English Muffin. I've had a mini surge in Custom Name Design orders lately which makes me kick myself a little for not putting them in the shop sooner. Oh well, live and learn.

The last week of February Big Chuck and I are heading to Finland for a week-long ski holiday with my family. We'll be staying at the cottage and doing lots of cross-country skiing, eating, and generally trying to stay warm. I'm so excited!

I'm off to the post office now (to drop off 7 custom name designs!!) and then to the new Asian grocery that opened up around the corner a few weeks ago.

Have a wonderful first day of February,

(image: English Muffin 2010 Calendar)


  1. WOW! The custom names are the best idea Bess! So proud!

  2. so cool!! i just discovered your blog, and i love your posts. i'm so jealous of your travels, too. i've never been to austria or finland =/



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