Another LMNOP mention

I was just reading the LMNOP blog and saw that they are featuring English Muffin's "D is for dog" Letter Print (yipee!). Check it out here.


Sorry I'm Late - video

I really want to make a stop motion video but I don't know what I would do or more importantly how to do it. So, I guess I'll keep enjoying the labors of those folks more talented than I. Here's a great stop motion video called "Sorry I'm Late" by Tomas Mankovsky that a friend on Facebook uploaded (thanks Elke!). It's so fun!!

You can visit the Sorry I'm Late website to check out all the behind the scenes info.

Happy Friday :)


English Muffin in LMNOP

LMNOP Magazine

This month's LMNOP issue is dedicated to the alphabet! English Muffin's Animal Alphabet Poster was lucky enough to be featured alongside some other fabulous alphabet artwork. Head over to the website to download your free issue now, and listen to my new favourite alphabet song!

LMNOP pg.29


Shopping in Barcelona

If I lived in Barcelona, I would be doing a whole lot more shopping than I do here in Vienna. I find it really difficult to find things I love here when it comes to shoes and clothes - that's probably a good thing for my bank account though! Below are some shoe stores and a great little shop called Zabede with beautiful bags and clothing.

The bags are hand embroidered in Thailand and inspired by the creations of artist and designer, Pornsuda Sabeedee.

To check out the rest of Zabede's line, visit their website here.


Sweet, Sweet, Sitges

I have some very exciting news! While we were in Barcelona, Big Chuck and I got engaged!! I know - it's so exciting! It happened in a little seaside town called Sitges, the St. Tropez of Spain. It was so beautiful and before he proposed I was snapping away like crazy, here are some of my faves.

The Church of Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla

Post-proposal snacks and my new Frank Gehry ring!!

Have a great Tuesday!


Back and better than ever!

Park Güell - Barcelona
We got back from our amazing long weekend in Barcelona last night. I had such a great time. The city is beautiful and warm and vibrant and really stole our hearts! As promised, our camera never left our side (except once and that was an accident) so I have about 750 pics to sort through. Stay tuned for the Barcelona breakdown later this week.

Have a great Monday!



Hola Barcelona!

Park Güll
Today is the day! We're leaving for a long weekend in Barcelona. It has to be one of the biggest advantages of living in Europe - the ability to experience so many different cultures in a relatively small geographical area. I promise you that our camera is not going to leave my hands the whole time we're there, and I'll be back on Monday with lots of pictures from our weekend adventures to share with you.

Have a great rest of your week and weekend, adiós!


Kitchen cravings

Saturday Morning Shopper Tote bag
Some perfect items I found while searching on Etsy to compliment any kitchen. We love to cook and eat at our house, so most of our time is spent in the kitchen. Lucky for us it's really cute, a great place to relax and debrief one another at the end of the day. When it's warm (like today) I can open the window to the courtyard and sit on the sill soaking up the sun.

Here are a few culinary accessories I'd love to have in our own kitchen.

Writing Slate
What a great idea! I'm a big list writer.

Danish Modern Cheese Board and Butcher Knife
Cheese, fromage, kase - the language doesn't matter, my answer is always the same, mais oui!

Hostess Apron
How cute would I be in this hostess apron?! (obviously a rhetorical question - so cute!)

Soda Bottle Glasses
Vintage soda bottle glasses, a great idea and perfect for an outdoor summer bbq.

Fiesta Ware
I love these colours, and I think Big Chuck would really enjoy an XL coffee cup.

Sit Eat Enjoy
Lovely kitchen art!

Have a great Wednesday, I'm off to make a packing list for Barcelona.



Cloud Bunny

These adorable little critters are from the Etsy shop Stitchface, based in none other than my hometown, Toronto. (yay!) Danielle, the designer behind Stitchface, is dedicated to making her one of a kind creations eco-friendly by incorporating recycled fabrics and materials as well as vintage and thrift store finds. There's so much personality in these little guys - I especially love their cute mug shots!

Leave it to Beaver

Plaid Kitty

Silver Fox

Check out the rest of her line here.

Have a lovely Tuesday! bess



Hello! I've got lots of pictures for you today from a super cute cafe called Espresso here in Vienna. I've been walking past it since September and on Saturday we decided to try it out. Although the weather wasn't great - cool and rainy - we had a wonderful time at brunch and then later perusing the Neubaugasse market (more pictures from the market later this week).

The service was a little slow, but the food was delicious and it gave us a bit more time to take in all the cute little details in the cafe. Here are few snaps...

These pretty purple flowers were next to our table.

The arched ceiling was soooo beautiful, and don't you love this vintage fan?

The cafe stays open well into the night when the bar opens and the dj's take the stage.

My kakao - only in Europe can you have hot chocolate with breakfast.

The boys had café lattés.

There were wild flowers at our table.

Can you spot the pink flamingo?

A great place to get lost in the weekend paper.

And in the summer there's an outdoor patio.

Espresso - Burggasse 57, 1070 Vienna

Have a great Monday :)



Out of the ocean

Friday's guest blogger, Big Chuck, has a beautiful yet painful look at the oceans, and the art created from them - literally.

Gyre - by artist Chris Jordan
via dwell blog

On today's blog I am posting some intriguingly beautiful work by artist Chris Jordan which is food for thought, and hopefully won't become food for animals if we can reduce our consumption of plastics.

Gyre is an 8 x 11 foot reproduction of the famous wood block print, Great Wave, by Japanese artist Hokusai. In his version, Chris Jordan "depicts 2.4 million pieces of plastic, equal to the estimated number of pounds of plastic pollution that enter the world's oceans every hour. All of the plastic in this image was collected from the Pacific Ocean."

Below is a sequential zoom into the details of Gyre.

You can see more of his work, which is innovative, inspiring and beautiful - at the same time as having a message, on his website.