It's a dog's world

James Gang Records

Hello, and happy Friday! Big Chuck is lost in the land of tree rings so I though I'd take a link he sent me a while back and use it as inspiration for today's post. If you're curious which one is from him, it's the wire frame dog bed from Go!PetDesign. It's a good thing our little dog Tyke can't use my laptop or else he'd be really jealous right now ;)
Urban Driftwood dog bowl

Holden Double Bowl Feeder

Black eiCrate

eiCrate Fitted Cover

Reversible Hound Hoodie

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!


Not that I am, but if I was...

Studio On Fire

Studio On Fire

Studio On Fire

Not that I'm getting married, but if I was... I would put this invitation with detachable rsvp postcard in my wedding inspiration folder ;) And maybe these ones too...

Oslo Press

Mr. Boddington's Studio

Who knows... maybe one day!



Soapbox cart

Play is a furniture line designed for kids. Danish designer Jesper K. Thomsen's philosophy behind the line is that "children's furniture must be for children, rather than small copies of adult furniture." The inspiration for the furniture came from the homemade and humourous qualities of the soapbox cart, and the idea that play and creation are paramount to the design process when making objects for kids.

Play is part of New Danish Modern - Normann-Copenhagen's Danish furniture collection.






Headwear from the future!

It's Canadiana Tuesday (with your Friday blogger, Big Chuck).

I ran across wildhagen, a company from my hometown of Toronto. Below are some of their very stylish hats...

all images via wildhagen
For those of you in the area, you can visit their bricks and mortar shop at 575 Queen St. West, Toronto.

All for now, gotta run.



Wood is good

Maple/Walnut wood stacking toy

My dad and I were talking about designing and making some wooden toys for children. I was doing a bit of research on the subject and came across some beautiful designs and successful companies. I focused my search on Etsy since I knew I would be able to find some great handmade stuff there. One of my favourite toy makers so far is Little Sapling Toys (what a cute name!). Here's some of their work...

Songbird Grasping and Teething toy

Grasping and Teething set

Grasping and Teething animals

Tri-wood pet board toy

Simple pine wood rocking horse

Simple pine child's crate/toolbox


Weekend food

La Tartine Gourmande

Big Chuck and I are swapping today. He has a really fun Canadian design post for our Canadiana Tuesdays, so tune in next week to see what he's got cooking.

Speaking of cooking, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite food blogs. Mostly I look at them to drool over the pictures of stuff that in all likelyhood I won't make (not because I don't want to, but because Big Chuck wears the chef pants in our family). I hope you enjoy the pix and check out the links, maybe you'll even find something delicious to make this weekend!

David Lebovitz

Vegan YumYum

Smitten Kitchen


101 Cookbooks

Cannelle et Vanille

Happy Friday,
xx bess


I heart Julia!

Julia Rothman

I've been studying the websites of some of my favourite print designers lately to find inspiration and perhaps absorb through my computer screen some of their wisdom.

One of the queens of print and pattern design is Julia Rothman. I've loved her stuff since I first saw it - quirky and hand-drawn, her designs are always so unique. I've pulled just a few samples off her website - but there are so many more so I recommend you check them out!

all images from Julia Rothman


Jamie Magazine
One of the best things about flying through London Heathrow Airport, other than listening to British accents, is the magazine rack. There are always more than a few gossip mags to make the trip across oceans and timezones more enjoyable. Last time I was there I came across Jamie Oliver's new magazine, the inaugural edition actually. It's a great magazine, and if it wasn't so expensive to those living outside the U.K. I would probably have it delivered to my door. A bonus (and the subject of this post) is the Jme catalogue, a new shop full of beautifully designed dishes, food, seeds, and home things.

Take a peek for yourself...

mixed olives
strawberry jam

window box garden voucher
herb garden voucher
small veggie garden voucher

organic seeds - garlic chives

Basil and Mint, Spiced Fig candles

All this great design and he can cook - quite the catch ;) Have a great Wednesday!
xo bess