I blame it on November...

Remember this little guy?

Mr. Succulent

Yah... I remember him too.

Succulent - 2

I'm going to blame this sad situation on November. The sun has been a.w.o.l for weeks and I am not exactly famous for my green thumb.

Sorry for the somewhat depressing post. I'll be cheerier tomorrow - promise!



  1. Aww! Sorry to hear your plant didn't make it. I actually feel your pain. My beloved bamboo plant that I've had for 7 years (!!) has been in a slow decline these last few weeks. Poor thing. I think it'll bite the dust very soon. :(

  2. Good job Bess! Now you ruined Christmas! For everyone!
    J.K. I kill every plant I have ever had...don't feel bad, just buy a new one.

  3. It's so sad, I had him for maybe a month! Ruined Christmas indeed! lol


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